June 2020 Update

The railway has lain dormant for a few months now and it’s interesting to see how quickly nature can take over. The museum are discussing the next steps towards opening. Plans are often changing daily as government advice is updated.

The discussions involve all of the museum, including the LTMR. Recently, two LTMR volunteers were allowed on site, following strict social distancing guidelines, to assess the ease of social distancing whilst working on the railway. They were allowed to complete some important tasks and the railway was inspected to see how much work is required before it can operate again.

The main work for the day was to complete the Depot Approach signal installation. Many wires were run and at the end of the day we are pleased to report we have full functionality of the system! There are still a few little jobs to do before it is complete, but these are for convenience and do not affect the functionality.

We are hopeful that maintenance can resume soon (with measures in place such as keeping distance and limiting the number of people on site). We can’t comment on when we’ll be able to run just yet, please see the museum website for the latest updates regarding re-opening.