September 2020 Update

After 10 intense days of running, the track has settled and problem spots have begun to appear. We began our works by sorting out a large dip that ran into a small hump. This required two panels to be removed and some earth dug out from underneath.

This section also suffers from large voltage drops in wet weather. The theory is that, amongst other things, earth in the ballast holds onto water and this wet path allows current to leak between the rails. We have a few other ideas on how to solve this problem but decided to also wash the soil from the ballast while the panes were lifted to aid drainage and hopefully reduce the leakage current.

A new vacuum generator was created and is undergoing testing so that we can have more than one vacuum braked train, the exit gate post was seen to in an attempt to keep it upright, the mess room was cleaned out and a considerable amount of time was spent digging down to remove a fence post that has rotted into two and no longer provides much support