Spring 2021 Update

As restrictions began to ease, work on the railway recommenced with all attendance within the government guidelines at the time. The first thing we noticed upon return was that some damage was caused to a short section of the Ealing end single line – the track had been lifted on one side and a ballast retention board has been shattered.

The broken boards

A panel was lifted to start the work on this. We then decided to lift two more panels to repair the boards either side, including those around the fire hydrant.

New retaining wall around the Hydrant

During this work we took a good look at the full extension and decided to go further, using a tight string to mark a smooth gradient from one end to the other and lifting or lowering the track to match. This mammoth task is ongoing at the time of update but should be finished before the May/June open event (see museum website for details). Also along the way, some tidying up has been done, including weeding at Ealing End