Open Week – Spring 2021

In late may 2021 the Museum depot opened its doors for another 7 day event and the LTMR was in action to support it. We sold 2409 rides over 7 days, beating the average rides per day of the august 2020 event. We were also able to negotiate with the museum and lower our price back to our pre-COVID fare!

In contrast to October, the sun was shining for most days and the weather was warm enough to cause a track circuit failure as two sections touched as the rails expanded. These days saw Michael Faraday in service all day, alongside Sarah Siddons and every now and then a third train was brought out to meet demand. The class 20 currently has a traction problem where it will only move in reverse – It uses a different controller to our other locomotives and there was a lot of head scratching before we decided the unit needs to be sent back to the manufacturer for investigation. The two train service was expertly managed with new techniques employed to reduce your waiting time.

We did have one day of non-stop rain. Demand was low and so we ran only the one train for most of the day. The axle counter wasn’t put out this day as we know it doesn’t like wet weather. The axle counter heads had new holes drilled to re-establish the tight tolerance they have for positioning.

 The rain managed to make its way into a few places it shouldn’t, causing two signal aspects to glow dimly when they shouldn’t be illuminated. Both of these locations have been found and will be monitored in wet weather. A full fix won’t be done until the signalling is upgraded in the future.

Amongst all of this, some track work was completed with sleepers being replaced and insulated rail joints being swapped out for a more supportive kind.